Director of photography for feature films, television and documentaries
Bully High Trailer
Feature Film Reel
Final Frequency Trailer
Hexbug Christmas Commercial
Mission Statement

Philip Hurn is a versatile, award-winning DP who has lensed scores of documentaries and dozens of features. He recognizes the imperative of serving the script, creating images that underscore the material’s themes and enhance the storytelling. Philip embraces the collaborative process starting with the director and extending to his crew. He has built a reputation as a DP who delivers on time and under budget, maximizing the resources on every project.  Whatever the film’s demands, Philip brings enormous expertise.  He is a technological expert in all formats -- Film and Digital.  But more importantly, Philip understands the creative demands of visual storytelling and how to use the cinematic toolbox to create evocative imagery, memorable characters and indelible stories. Based in Los Angeles, the Emmy winning Hurn also holds a United Kingdom passport and is available for work worldwide.